Merkliste MR

Portioning MR  

High-capacity filling device, which distinguishes itself by its particular precision.
In single or multi-lane construction, with up to 24 dosing chambers, which are either filled or emptied by piston. Hygienic CIP equipment ensures the MR in an optimum way:

  • Gentle product dosage
  • Highest levels of flexibility
  • Highest levels of capacity
  • Best levels of hygiene
Merkliste ABP

Portioning ABP  

Automatic battery mould filling for soft to semi-hard curd types with a high capacity. Each portioning cycle fills a complete blockform. 

Merkliste ARP-T

Portioning ARP-T 

Automatic row filling device for medium-weight cheeses, such as large loaves and cylinders of soft to semi-hard curd. 

Merkliste AFE

Filling Device AFE 

The semi or full-automatic filling device enables exact dosage and clean filling of the curd and secure collection of the dripping whey whilst ensuring no curd loss.