ALPMA conveyor belts are used for transportation which is both hygienic and gentle to the products. They are a vital component in automated processing lines for the dairy, meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable industries.

The belts can be run at fixed or adjustable speeds. Even with loads of up to 40 kg per belt, the ALPMA belts, which are made of polyurethane (PU), work absolutely perfectly.

Belt changes can easily be carried out without the aid of tools. The tension station is flipped up with a small amount of pressure to relax the belt. Now the belt and tension station can easily be removed.

Merkliste Transportband

Transport Belt 

Where hygiene is decisive. Made of stainless steel of course, and with no hidden edges. The belt is easy to remove and clean.

The ALPMA belts are available in three different widths and twelve standard lengths. Special dimensions are produced to order.

Merkliste Kurvenband

Curved Belt 

Hygienic cornering. The trick: this belt can also be removed in a matter of seconds without the aid of tools.