How we are tackling the skilled labor deficit.

  ALPMA News

The shortage of labor and skilled workers is a challenge facing German SMEs. However, it is not only a risk, but also an opportunity at the same time! SMEs can close the gap by taking new paths and changing. They can use innovative ideas to attract new skilled workers and thus drive their business forward.

In an interview with ‚Wirtschaftstreff Bayern (Economy meeting Bavaria)‘ from 9th December 2022, our CEO Frank Eberle together with Johannes Stock – head of division operations, talk about the current situation at our company and the measures we are taking to tackle the problem. Some of these measures are:

  • Strengthening know-how and qualifications through more training and development measures for employees.
  • Broader labor force participation, especially among women
  • More effective use of innovative technologies to simplify workflow and allow more time for other tasks
  • Direct approach of potential apprentices in schools
  • A better system for recruiting foreign workers to be able to attract qualified employees

More in the video. Enjoy watching!