Line competence through electronic eagle eye.

  ALPMA News

Taking cheese out of the packaging, removing the film, heaving it onto the machine. Anyone who has to deal with cheese blocks that weigh kilos in a cheese dairy is doing hard labour in an endless loop. The good news is: There are now ALPMA machines that take cheese blocks out of cardboard and remove film fully automatically.

But advancing automation also brings risks. Due to the ever-increasing performance, mould or the smallest, most transparent shreds of film can hardly be detected by the human eye and therefore enter production more easily. The electronic eagle eye is equipped with state-of-the-art camera technology and a self-developed lighting system. It inspects all cheese blocks automatically and completely and sorts out the affected products directly. In this way, the rejected cheese does not even reach the market. The use of this automated and reliable inspection technology has proven its reliability.  False detections? No chance of that.

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