Category Square Portions

CUT 32

For cutting bars into fixed-weight portions

Cutting Scheme for the ALPMA CUT 32
Scheme (wedges / slabs)
  • max. 150 strokes / min
  • Length max. 950 mm
  • Width max. 280 mm
  • Height max. 150 mm

Result: Excellent fixed-weight values. Each cheese is weighed, measured and cut into the desired portion size with precision cutting during the single cut procedure.

The CUT 32 can be combined with a density scanner for Swiss-type cheese reaching the highest good production values. The fixed weight portions are automatically transported to the packaging machines.

Picture of a emmentaler cheese bar
Product example

If the peak performance is a hot topic, there is also the fast lane. Up to 240 portions / min are cut on a dual-lane CUT 25/HS.

Application picture ALPMA Cut 32 with fast lane
Application ALPMA CUT 25/HS with dual lane for up to 240 portions / min