Category Milk Special Application Whey

MF Microfiltration

Plants for the production of Micellar Casein Concentrate

ALPMA Microfiltration for MicCC
MF Milk

MF for MicCC

  • 5-stage MF plant with integrated concentrate pasteurizer


ALPMA microfiltration for the degreasing of whey concentrate
MF Whey

MF for defatting of whey concentrate



ALPMA microfiltration ESL milk
MF ESL milk

Production line for premium ESL-milk

  • with integrated pasteurizer
  • with L-Minus option
ALPMA Microfiltration Special Application
MF (UF) Special Application

MF Compact-System

  • for removal of spores and bacterial, yeast and moulds
  • for fat recovery from mozzarella fillet water