Protein extraction via fermentation

  • For thousands of years, fermentation has been used in food production to preserve food, create alcoholic beverages, and improve the nutritional value and bioavailability of food

  • Aside from the "traditional" application, the extraction of alternative proteins has increased in recent years

  • Alternative proteins can be produced by cultivating microbial micro-organismen through fermentation

  • Two methods are distinguished based on the desired product: biomass and precision fermentation

  • In biomass fermentation the microorganisms that multiply (e.g. fungi or algae) are the primary component of the alternative protein. These microbes can multiply quickly, increasing the amount of available biomass in a short period of time

  • In precision fermentation, the individual proteins (e.g. casein) are produced purposefully by the used microorganism. As a result, an identical copy of the natural protein is produced


The ALPMA process technology combines long-standing experience in the extraction and processing of proteins from various sources.

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